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Clear Braces Gold Coast, Clear Braces Brisbane

For an effective orthodontic treatment that is aesthetically pleasing and generally more affordable compared to Invisalign braces, Glam® clear ceramic braces designed by Forestadent, TP ClearVu Mini Ceramic Brackets or Clarity braces may be the right orthodontic treatment for you. Dr Grant generally wont prescribe traditional metal brackets to run along the top-arch because we have great clear braces options for patients who prefer a more aesthetically pleasing treatment.

Clear braces designed with ceramic materials

Dr Peter Grant and his team recommend Glam® clear ceramic braces because the brackets are an aesthetically pleasing alternative to metal brackets and wires. The clear brackets that are attached to the teeth are completely translucent to help them blend in better with your natural smile.

How do clear braces work?

Similar to metal brackets, clear braces are fixed to the teeth and, combined with archwires, they gently shift the position of your teeth. The braces are adjusted gradually by your orthodontist over a period of time in order to move the teeth into position.

The process of braces

We are often confronted with questions about how the treatments are carried out. Here is a general step by step process of how the clear braces treatment works after Dr Peter Grant has fitted them to your teeth. Treatment times may vary depending on the severity of your case.

First stage: aligning the teeth

Patients usually notice the most change in the first stage of the orthodontic treatment. This is because this stage is where the teeth start to align. How long it takes for this to happen will depend on the nature of your smile.

Second stage: correcting the bite and closing the spaces

This stage is where the braces are used to correct the bite and close spaces between the teeth. It generally takes around 6-9 months to correct bite problems.

Third stage: detailing and finishing

To finish off the process, individual tooth movements may be necessary to produce a functional bite and aesthetic smile. This stage may need specific bends in the archwires and elastics may still be necessary. Generally this stage can be completed in 3-6 months.

Forth stage: Retainer

Retainers are vitally important for the treatment because they help your teeth set properly into their new positions. There are a few different styles of retainers depending on what you need. Some are permanently fixed to your teeth where as others are similar in appearance to transparent aligners.

Braces Before and after gallery

Peruse through our braces before and after gallery for a comparison of the results Dr Peter Grant’s patients have received through orthodontic treatment at Peter Grant Orthodontics. We treat patients from all over the Gold Coast and Brisbane including Beenleigh, Helensvale, Springwood Beaudesert and all other surrounding suburbs.

Are you considering clear braces from a Gold Coast orthodontist?

Clear braces stay in place throughout your treatment to ensure that your treatment is as fast as possible. Contact us today to talk to Dr Grant about how we can help you create a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.


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