At Peter Grant Orthodontics we understand that taking in all of your treatment information during your consultation can be difficult. That is way we have developed our Dental FAQ’s. Please click on the links below to see Dr Peter Grant answer your questions.

1. What is the difference between an Orthodontist and a General or Cosmetic Dentist?

2. What are the key benefits to your patients of being treated by an experienced and qualified orthodontist?

3. Why do you think it is important for a person to have a beautiful smile?

4. What is your approach to improving a person’s smile?

5. How would you say that orthodontic treatment has advanced in the last few years?

6. At what stage would you be able to conduct the most successful course of treatment for your patients in terms of their age and condition?

7. Could you explain your philosophy with regards to creating a smile that is both beautiful and fully functional?

8. What are the main services you offer with your specialist orthodontics practice?

9. Why should I choose Peter Grant as my orthodontic professional?

10. Can you highlight some of the new technologies that you have introduced into the practice in recent years and how they might benefit your patients?

11. How have recent improvements in materials used in treatments benefited your patients?

12. Can you outline a simple prevention plan that people should follow to maintain their oral health?

13. How would you respond to a patient who was in need of major treatment, but wanted to maintain a reasonably discrete method of treatment?

14. What would you say have been the major benefits in the creation of treatments from the likes of Invisalign?

The team at Peter Grant Orthodontics are looking forward to providing you with a restored smile and a bright future. Contact us now for a consultation.

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