Our Philosophy

At Peter Grant Orthodontics, our philosophy of care is centred on you, the patient.

To ensure we always deliver on what we promise we have a 5 point philosophy that keeps us on track and assures you that you receive the right results.

  1. The Most Appropriate Treatment
    The treatments we propose will be the most appropriate for you. We don’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our custom, personalized orthodontic plan will be geared to creating the ideal result for you.
  2. Whole of Life
    Good orthodontics is a lifelong pursuit.We help children and adults alike. If you need help with your smile, regardless of your age, we are the Orthodontic practice that can help you.
  3. Complete Comfort
    Our orthodontic treatment is completed to the highest standards, using advanced materials, techniques and technologies. They are all performed gently, with your comfort being our focus.
  4. Quality Results
    We treat all age groups, from children to adults and we demand from ourselves quality results. To do this, we use modern techniques, technologies and materials to ensure you get the best result and you leave us happy.
  5. Affordability
    Our treatment options are accessible to all. We offer structured payment and finance plans to ensure your dental health can stay a priority.

If these qualities are consistent with an Orthodontist you want to visit, contact us now to book a consultation.

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