At Peter Grant Orthodontics, we can help you get the smile you have always wanted. Dr Peter Grant is a professionally qualified orthodontist in Brisbane, specialising in clear Clarity braces and Invisalign invisible braces. Our services are offered to patients in the Brisbane and Gold Coast regions of Australia.

Our Practice
Peter Grant Orthodontics is modern, progressive and relaxed.  Feel at home with our team; stay in complete comfort; leave us happy in the knowledge your smile will be the best it can be.  Dr Peter Grant has been practicing Orthodontics since 1990 and his skill and knowledge combined with new, innovative technologies make orthodontic treatment as comfortable and as effective as ever.

Our Services
Our Orthodontic treatments can improve your smile as well as your entire facial appearance. Based on a thorough consultation, we will choose the most appropriate orthodontic treatment for you.  There are many appliances and treatments to choose from.  By using the best quality materials from world leading companies, including 3M Unitek, Rocky Mountain and Essex, we are able to provide a lasting, pleasing result.

Contact Dr Peter Grant TodayWith the help and expertise of Dr Peter Grant, you will gain the smile that you really want. To book an appointment or ask a question from the team, please fill out this contact form.

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