Meet the Team

When you visit Peter Grant Orthodontics, your experience is the result of many people working together to help you. Peter Grant Orthodontist is comprised of professionals who are committed to exceeding your expectations during every stage of your treatment.

Supporting Dr. Grant and You

Dr. Grant is supported by an excellent, caring team at the practice who enable him to carry out each treatment with confidence.

The Hygienist Team

  • Joumana Massih
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  • Rachel Smith
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Our hygienists are dedicated to helping you with the long-term maintenance of healthy teeth and gums during your orthodontic treatment.


The Surgery Team

  • Lisa Jones  ​
  • Mackaela Zipf
  • Rachel Barber
  • Lauryn Marsden
  • Madison Barber
  • Ella Meany
  • Chelsea Currier
  • Lilliana Hardy

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The Lab Team

  • Mariah Walker-Thornton  ​

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The Front Desk Team

  • Jenna Asiata 
  • Karen Howes

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Our practice staff is trained in customer care and familiar with all aspects of the orthodontic process, most having gone through the process themselves first-hand. CROSS TRAINING.

We refer patients to our trusted network of dentists in other practices if we find there are other dental issues that need treatment before or after orthodontic treatment can take place.

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